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FAQ – Why should providers have their own SurveyVitals® portal login?

One of the hallmarks of the SurveyVitals® solution is the prompt electronic feedback it provides. Administrators already see this feedback, and it’s crucial that providers receive it too. Feedback drives improvement, helps lower the risk for medical malpractice lawsuits, and improves patients’ perceptions of care in the process.

SurveyVitals provides this important patient feedback via the online portal and through alerts. All providers should have access to their personalized portal where they can view their survey results, percentile ranking, statistical confidence, national composite rank, alerts, and more. This helps them understand how patients rate their care so they can look for improvement opportunities and adjust their approach if needed.

It’s important to turn on alerts for all providers. Alerts are a vital part of the feedback loop and can be used to identify trends in patient perceptions. Low patient scores trigger an alert to the provider and the Administrator. It’s not uncommon for a provider to receive a few low score alerts since patients have their own unique experience with health care. But a string of alerts in the same area could signal an issue that needs to be addressed. We’ve analyzed our data and found that alerts are generated for about 7% of all surveys. Prompt attention to those alerts can help mitigate potential malpractice risks. Alerts also help practitioners modify their practice without the need for extensive one-on-one coaching.

As an Administrator, how do you know if all of your providers have access to their personalized portal? Go to the Provider Stats module of your dashboard and click on the Login Count heading. Look for providers that have No Login instead of a chart.

To set up a provider’s login, go to your dashboard and click on Admin in the upper right corner. Scroll down and click on Provider Details, click on the plus sign next to the provider’s name, and complete the User Details section. You can always click on the blue question mark button in the lower right corner if you need assistance.

Alerts and portal access give providers the awareness needed to address any potential issues without extensive coaching or administrative involvement. Our analytics show that patients’ perceptions of care improve over time when providers receive alerts and have an opportunity to modify their approach. Let your providers take full advantage of the SurveyVitals solution. Set them up with portal access and turn on their alerts today!

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