Actual Patient RatingsTM

A trusted source for both providers and patients. Over 7 million patient surveys completed across 85 specialties.

What is an Actual Patient Rating?

An Actual Patient Rating is a rating or ‘score’ of a verified patient’s experience of care.

Actual Patient Ratings are distinct in that only verified patients can give feedback about their healthcare providers for a specific episode of care. These reviews are completed through a secure channel provided by SurveyVitals, eliminating issues associated with unverified and malicious reviews that are common on other popular rating websites.

Why are verified reviews so important?

With so many people turning to online reviews as their first source in finding a local physician, it’s no surprise the web is full of countless rating websites. The problem? A majority of reviews on these websites simply aren’t trustworthy. Anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone can leave reviews or comments–regardless of whether or not they were an actual patient. Our mission is to provide both patients and providers access to honest feedback from real patients.

How do we verify patients?

When a patient receives care, their information is passed along to the organization’s billing or data software provider, who in turn transfers the patient’s contact information to SurveyVitals. Using this data, patient surveys are administered via text message, email, and interactive voice response. This method ensures that only verified patients who have recently received care are surveyed. Over 7 million patients have rated their healthcare providers using SurveyVitals’ methodologies, creating a trusted and verified database for those in search of a physician or specialist.

Actual Patient Ratings powered by SurveyVitals

SurveyVitals is committed to improving the patient experience and, ultimately, the quality of healthcare in America. The SurveyVitals patient experience and 360 degree feedback solution provides real-time metrics that helps providers, practices, and organizations gather relevant data to improve care. Learn More.

All rating and review data provided, including statistical confidence, composite rating, and number of surveys is representative of actual patient reviews and in no way the views of the healthcare facility or Review data is aggregated by