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April 25, 2016
by Kyra Maples
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Patient Experience by Age, Gender, Anesthesia or Outpatient

Check out some key takeaways from our Q1 ratings-by-gender wrap-up.

Below are results from 300,660 SurveyVitals® patient surveys for both the Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Survey (ASPQ) and the Standard Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (SPSQ).

Anesthesia APSQ

Most Satisfied

Females 25-34


Least Satisfied

Females 75+


Using the likert scale of 1-5, the following chart shows gender plots of the Anesthesia patient satisfaction composite score (the mean of all rating questions excluding the overall rating) vs age group.

April 19, 2016
by Kyra Maples

Moving On Up! SMS Now First Patient Contact Method

sms first

We have found that SMS, or text message, has great patient response rates, the best actually. Which is why we have moved it to number one!

Whats does that mean for you?
-Quicker response times from patients
-Higher cognitive recall of a patient experience = higher quality feedback
-Fewer patients bothered by emails found after they have taken the SMS survey

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans own a smartphone of some kind. And, over 2.2 trillion SMS messages are sent by Americans each year. Yet, for the most part, the methods used in the healthcare industry to communicate with patients remain dated and ineffective.

March 11, 2016
by Kyra Maples

New Admin Feature! Your Survey Data Securely Sent To You Weekly!

SurveyVitals feels strongly about providing you effective access to your survey data.  With our new Secure File Transfer Portal (SFTP) feature, you’ll find ease of access and the option to have your data automatically sent to you weekly.  Utilizing SFTP ensures the security of your files, easy access and archiving.

Log in to your SurveyVitals portal to get started.  If you haven’t already, you will need to be sure you have signed the ‘case number export’ portion of your SurveyVitals contract. Check with your SurveyVitals account manager or use the chat feature on the bottom right of the SurveyVitals homepage to inquire if you are authorized to start having your files sent to you weekly.

February 29, 2016
by Kyra Maples
Comments Off on New Feature Announcement! Provider Kudos Alerts

New Feature Announcement! Provider Kudos Alerts

Are you a top performer in key areas like ‘communication’ and ‘ensuring comfort’?

We’ve now made it even easier for providers to track their awards and milestones with SurveyVital’s new positive alerts. Easy-to-read emails will alert providers on a biweekly basis of their top ranked areas as well as the number of surveys completed and more. Log in to your SurveyVitals portal today and be sure your alerts are turned on in the settings to receive these notifications.


*Note: For statistical purposes, a provider must have at least one completed survey during the two week time frame in order to receive an alert.

February 11, 2016
by admin
Comments Off on Share your ratings with the world via the Provider Widget

Share your ratings with the world via the Provider Widget

SurveyVitals is excited to announce the soon to be released provider widget. Placed on your website, the provider widget displays a physicians’ actual patient ratings™. Using your results, the widget, displayed below, showcases a providers’ star rating, top scoring area, statistical confidence, and the number of surveys completed.

provider widget announcement

Note: There will be variations of the widget so you can choose the best view to suit your site.

Get me started with the Provider Widget

January 18, 2016
by admin
Comments Off on Email Updates

Email Updates

We have reworked our sending protocols to help ensure emails are sent to both patients and your inboxes.

Due to poor email address quality we have made integration of numerous safeguards to ensure email deliverability a priority. Additional checks are now in place to ensure emails are formatted properly, have a validated domain association, and are not being blocked by spam filters. In the coming months be sure to watch your data quality in your portal upload page as these checks are integrated. Rest assured SurveyVitals will do everything possible to ensure bad data is filtered but please keep in mind we can only use the data you are sending us and some will be removed. Additionally, SurveyVitals reserves the right to limit sending of bad data. For those sending emails as a majority you may have noticed a dip in responses, this will be remediated shortly.

December 28, 2015
by admin
Comments Off on 2015 Year In Review

2015 Year In Review

2015 Year in review

Patient Satisfaction is improving because of what you do. Here are the metrics you were part of in 2015.

August 19, 2015
by SV Admin
Comments Off on Press Release – 1 million anesthesia surveys

Press Release – 1 million anesthesia surveys

1 million anesthesia surveys

SurveyVitals® just reached a huge milestone! An anonymous patient completed the 1 millionth anesthesia patient satisfaction survey yesterday morning (August 18, 2015). SurveyVitals prides itself on providing actionable, accurate data, and the value of our national baseline continues to expand with each new survey that is completed. Benchmark your practice, divisions, and physicians against a national, organization, division, or specialty baseline.

We continue to disrupt the outdated model of expensive paper surveys that garner low response rates and provide delayed feedback. We’re proud to say our solution is used by thousands of providers across 58 specialties, and that by first quarter of 2016 we should have 1.5 million surveys in our anesthesia baseline and another 1 million in our outpatient baseline. Here’s to patient satisfaction, quality, and improvement!

September 29, 2011
by admin

Delivery Widget

No more worrying about how to send survey links. Introducing the Delivery Widget, an all inclusive solution to provide a custom page with logo and photos of your providers. Gather your logo, provider images, and let the widget do the work for you. Even define the name of your link!