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  • From setup to administration, reports to awareness, support to the low pricing, the ultimate solution keeps getting better. With automated survey administration (Email, SMS, and Interactive Voice Response) and alerts for your favorite survey offerings.
  • SurveysEasy AdministrationPatient, Employee, Physician and many other surveys provide the 360 degree feedback data you need to improve your organization.Learn More
  • SetupEasy AdministrationThe easiest on-boarding in the industry. A simple upload of your structure and providers has you administering surveys and learning from feedback in a flash.Learn More
  • AdministrationBest Value SurveyRemove the bias, reduce FTE involvement and cost, and grow the number of completed surveys by implementing the automated SImpL™ survey delivery system, email and IVR methodology.Learn More
  • AlertsPhysician TrainingWe learn the most from our mistakes. Emailed alerts drive higher situational awareness at the administrative, management and provider levels.Learn More
  • Awareness ScreensPhysician TrainingFrequently updated, your perspective is about to improve. Whether a very large medical system, a hospital, a practice or for the individual provider.Learn More
  • Reportingemail deliveryEnd the insanity of burdensome, delayed, and limited reports from antiquated methodologies! Robust, multi-level, benchmarked reports with trending provide what you need progress.Learn More
  • Supportemail deliveryFAQs, live chat, email, phone, videos and improvement templates save you time and provide the tools you need for your continuous improvement program.Learn More
  • PricingBest Value SurveyThe greatest value in the industry. The Survey Vitals solution provides the greatest value at the very lowest cost. No one else comes close!Contact Us for specialized pricing.Learn More

Popular Surveys

Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient retention, quality of care, and the patient experience by asking for their feedback and addressing the areas for improvement. The survey was built with input from many practices and addresses: appointments, reception, facility, staff, provider and overall. Addendum questions are available.

  • Facility46%
  • Overall41%
  • Provider44%
  • Reception42%
  • Scheduling39%
  • Staff41%
  • Wait Times52%

Anesthesia Satisfaction

Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

The APSQ was developed with input from anesthesia practitioners, academic institutions and the Anesthesia Quality Institute. A robust testing process optimizes both administration and reporting functionalities.

Feedback triggers email alerts, updates awareness screens and provides levels of responsiveness never before available. Low scores generate alerts within seconds.

Likert-scale quantitative feedback, in combination with qualitative via text data, provides valuable perspective to practices, physicians and nurses.

  • Communication40%
  • Decision Preparation80%
  • Ease Anxiety30%
  • Ensure Comfort60%
  • Privacy Respected70%
  • Overall56%

SurveyVitals is an approved Anesthesia Quality Institute vender

Physician Satisfaction

Physician Satisfaction Survey

Identify issues in fulfillment, provide a conduit for input and increase physician satisfaction, productivity and retention. Administrators need to know their physicians’ concerns and needs. This powerful survey looks at key areas identified via some serious research: Autonomy, Expectations, Income and Prestige, Relationships, Quality of Care, Administration and Practice Characteristics.

  • Autonomy40%
  • Expectations80%
  • Inc & Prestige30%
  • Org Excellence60%
  • Practice Char70%
  • Quality of Care34%
  • Quality of Life54%
  • Relationships48%
  • Satisfaction51%

Safety Survey

Survey of Patient Safety Culture (SOPS)

Identify key issues before they become a problem. SurveyVitals has been administering the AHRQ SOPS for years at both the staff and physician levels. One of the hospitals with whom we work has been very effective in taking the feedback, creating action items and really improving. They were just named the “Safest Hospital in the State of New York by Consumer Reports.”

  • Communication40%
  • Event Frequency80%
  • Hospital30%
  • Safety Grd60%
  • Supervisor Management70%
  • Work Area34%

Referring Physician

Referring Physician Survey (RPS)

Coordination of care is a critical element for quality patient care. Send this survey to the physicians that refer patients to your specialty practice. How are you being perceived by referring physicians, are you communicating effectively, giving the care to their patients they expect, and maximizing referral opportunities? This survey is a must for specialty organizations who want to maximize their opportunities. The RPS looks at: Communication, Physicians, Appointments, Value and the Overall Experience.

  • Communication40%
  • Overall80%
  • Appointments30%
  • Physicians60%
  • Value70%

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer (P2P)

SurveyVitals’ clients utilize the P2P at the physician, management and staff levels. Increase accountability, teamwork, and awareness of workplace conflict to further improve the work environment and decrease employee turnover. The P2P survey evaluates those areas key to the workings of an effective team: Attitude, Communication, Competency, Responsibility, Teamwork and Timeliness. This survey provides team members with feedback from their peers so they can identify improvement opportunities and then be evaluated again, probably annually.

  • Attitude32%
  • Communication45%
  • Competency78%
  • Responsibility45%
  • Teamwork64%
  • Timeliness55%
  • Overall72%



SurveyVitals provides many CAHPS surveys, per CMS, AHRQ or NCQA criteria. CAHPS surveys are used to produce understandable and usable comparative information for both consumers and health care providers. Surveys include C&G CAHPS in many forms, Adult and Child, English and Spanish and certifications for national requirements are always a priority for SurveyVitals.

  • Facility40%
  • Reception80%
  • Staff30%
  • Wait Times60%
  • Provider70%
  • Scheduling34%
  • Overall56%

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Getting started with the SurveyVitals solution is quick and easy.

A simple upload of your organization structure and providers with our setup form has you administering surveys and learning from feedback in a flash.

  • Provider Login

    Allows the provider to view their own feedback and scores as compared to their practice, specialty and the national benchmark. Support videos are available to them to continuously improve their patients’ experiences.

  • Division Login

    Coming Soon! The division login will allow individual clinic managers to view their clinic’s feedback and awareness screen independently from the other clinics in their practice. This creates greater accountability for high quality patient care across your organization!

  • Administrator Login

    Allows the administrator to view feedback for their clinic overall and drill down to specific providers’ results. This access level has editing functions for on-visit survey delivery pages and allows administrators to view how many surveys have been taken for each provider code and survey. Awareness screens for the clinic can also be viewed at this level.

  • Group Login

    Ideal for larger practices and health systems, this executive-level login has access to the feedback and awareness screens for each clinic and provider in a group for an overall view of results. You can also drill down in the reports to view clinics and providers individually for greater awareness.

  • Upon setup, you will also receive a live tutorial of the site from one of our team members. Let us show you how to use and implement our solution as it pertains to your individual needs.

    Patient Feedback Process

  • SImpL™ and Powerful

    The SurveyVitals high-tech, SImpL™ (Survey Implementation Logic) administration is a major breakthrough in overall value to anesthesia practices. HIPAA compliant sharing of patient and practitioner data keeps you fully aware of the latest patient feedback. SurveyVitals SImpL™ solution data shows a 25-fold improvement in completed surveys when compared to hassle-ridden on-visit interview techniques. Also notable is that the bias introduced with in-person and live phone interviews is virtually eliminated.

  • Hassle Free

    The automated survey system allows your EMR, or billing software, to securely submit data to the SurveyVitals solution. Administration of surveys through email and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows survey collection without the hassle of expensive hardware and the cost of utilizing limited staff resources. Utilizing the SurveyVitals API (Application Programming Interface) and your EMR/billing system, patient information can be shared at any frequency you desire. Upon receipt, the SurveyVitals system immediately starts administration of patient surveys.


Understand Patient Concerns Immediately.

  • Hover

    Anesthesia Awareness Screen

  • Immediate

    There’s a lot to be done everyday, when time is spent away from the office it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on elsewhere. Enter your alerts system, set them and forget them. It’s that easy. Want to receive alerts every time a patient gives a provider a low score? Done.


    Speaking to your patients is often hard to do, speaking with all of them is definitely hard to do. Follow the speaker button to listen to your patient feedback immediately.

Continual Awareness

Sit back and watch the surveys roll in.

With the Awareness Screen it’s never been so easy to stay on top of priorities. Utilize the continually updating interface to monitor alerts, patient comments, and near-real-time data feeds of how providers are doing on a daily basis. Have a large organization? Sit back and watch as the interface scrolls through each location providing valuable action items at a glance.

How do you compare to your peers?

Confidence & Trending
Is your data statistically valid, and are you improving?

Survey Administration
How many surveys are being completed at each penetration level?

Where should you focus your improvement efforts?


Anesthesia Awareness Screen


Sit back and watch the surveys roll in.

Dashboard Gauges

Dashboard Gauges

Sign into your group, organizational or personal portal and you’ll first see a dashboard which immediately provides the “big picture.” Click through the surveys and see how you rank versus the survey benchmark. Statistical levels of confidence, performance versus time and improvement opportunities are continuously computed for your convenience.

Advanced Reports


For a more detailed look simply click on the reports tab and you’ll have the option to select several levels of detail before the reports are generated real-time. You start by selecting the survey and the date range. Select any time frames from the day you started administration of the survey. Next select the results you’d like to view about your organization. It could be your entire group (e.g. 20 practices), an individual practice, a single specialty across all of your group or an individual practitioner. Once that is defined you can select from a variety of benchmarks including a national look which includes all surveys in the benchmark, your group, an organization within your group or a national look at a specialty. When the selections are made you simply click on “View Results.”



The first report you’ll see is generated real-time and based on the criteria you previously entered. Mean vs Time, Survey Means vs Baseline, Standard Deviations vs Baseline, Answer Distributions and a Question-by-Question display of results with mean, standard deviation, answer distributions and comments provide a detailed look at your results. The “heavy lifting” and data analysis work is done for you so you can quickly move forward with an action plan for continuous improvement.

By the 5s

By the 5s

An article from the Harvard Business Review shows that satisfied customers (4s) are not necessarily loyal. On a scale of 1 to 5, a customer who marks a 4 is six times more likely to defect than a customer who marks a 5. According to the book If Disney Ran Your Hospital, by Fred Lee, “When you think about it, customer loyalty, not mere satisfaction, is the only protection an organization has against serious competition in its future.”

We believe you’ll find the By the 5s report of tremendous value. You’ll see a graph of your Percentage of 5s versus Time. A spider chart shows how your total percentage of 5s stacks up against the benchmark of your choice. And, finally, so you can dig into the details, the results are shown question-by-question.

We’ve seen some tremendous improvements from clients who’ve focused their team on improving the percentage of 5s. If you want to protect your organization by increasing patient loyalty, this is the report!

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

Conveniently located at the top of each report page is a customer reporting function which allows you to modify the criteria with very little effort. Select the criteria, click on update results and a real-time report will be generated.


Provide a new standard of care.

At SurveyVitals, we pride ourselves on world-class customer support. Have a question about your surveys or patient feedback? Need to add more surveys or providers to your solution? We have tools that provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We want to save you time and provide support in your journey to continuous improvement.

  • Best Practices
    Use our best practices to help you determine how to improve your patient experience and become a 5-Star Practice. Aligned with the questions in the patient satisfaction surveys, we offer recommendations on everything from scheduling appointments to provider sensitivity.
  • Improvement Videos
    We offer improvement videos for administrators and providers alike to highlight the key points associated with patient perceptions.
  • Improvement Templates Need a guideline or checklist for an improvement action plan or a survey? We have you covered with our Support Documents.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Have a question about how to use your online portal? We have compiled our most frequently asked questions to provide quick clarification. Need more information? Just ask us!
  • Live Chat Live chat with our customer support staff is available to answer your questions as you are navigating through your online portal.
  • Submit a Ticket Need a change made to your provider list, or having trouble with your online portal? Submit a support ticket, and we will make the necessary changes.
  • Email and Phone At SurveyVitals, we are all about building relationships with our clients. Call or email us anytime with questions and feedback. We would love to hear from you and continuously improve our solution to meet your needs!


No one else comes close!

The SurveyVitals solution provides the greatest value at the lowest cost.


  • Multiple Surveys

  • All data access levels

    From provider to group level ensures the
    highest level of awareness

  • Alerts

    Low-score and Kudos

  • Awareness screens & unparalleled reporting


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