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Exclusive Offer for FOS & FORPG Members

Receive a 5% discount on medical liability insurance premiums
through The Doctors Company when you sign up with SurveyVitals®

The SurveyVitals patient satisfaction solution provides timely patient feedback that helps providers and practices improve patients’ perceptions of care.

Automated surveys are sent to patients via email, text, and/or automated phone system, and responses are tallied almost immediately. Robust online reports provide a real-time view into the health of an organization.

At $299 per provider per year*, using the SurveyVitals solution is a no-brainer! And since FORPG is picking up the one-time $50 onboarding fee per provider** for all FORPG members, you’ll end up with money in your pocket and a quality program that leads to real improvement. That’s a win-win!

“We send our data to SurveyVitals through their API. Everything is automatic and just happens now. Reports on SurveyVitals are very cool—we’ve actually changed the way we do a certain type of pre-op visit based on the patient feedback we received through their solution.

This has been a great experience and it’s saving us 5% on our malpractice insurance too!”

Debra L. Mitchell, RN, BSN, MBA
Children’s Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgery Associates, LLP

Once you’ve signed a contract with SurveyVitals, contact your agent to request The Doctors Company insurance discount, and email Fraser Cobbe to request reimbursement for the onboarding fees.

* Annual subscription rate increases to $375 per provider as of January 1, 2016. Lock in the 2015 rate for three years by signing a 3-year contract by December 15, 2015.

** One-time onboarding fee of $50 per provider based on a standard 3-year contract.