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Moving On Up! SMS Now First Patient Contact Method

sms first

We have found that SMS, or text message, has great patient response rates, the best actually. Which is why we have moved it to number one!

Whats does that mean for you?
-Quicker response times from patients
-Higher cognitive recall of a patient experience = higher quality feedback
-Fewer patients bothered by emails found after they have taken the SMS survey

Nearly two-thirds of all Americans own a smartphone of some kind. And, over 2.2 trillion SMS messages are sent by Americans each year. Yet, for the most part, the methods used in the healthcare industry to communicate with patients remain dated and ineffective.

SurveyVitals® is working to change that. We feel it is critical to communicate with patients in the way that they do–with 21st century technologies. SurveyVitals® already utilizes SMS and email to distribute patient satisfaction surveys. However, up until now, email has been used as the first point of contact.

That is changing. SMS, which we found yields the highest response rates, will become the first method of contact for sending patient satisfaction surveys on your behalf. Beyond SMS, SurveyVitals® will continue to utilize the email and IVR modalities.

Have questions about the changes? Use the chat feature in the lower right corner on the homepage to drop us a line!

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