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New Admin Feature! Your Survey Data Securely Sent To You Weekly!

SurveyVitals feels strongly about providing you effective access to your survey data.  With our new Secure File Transfer Portal (SFTP) feature, you’ll find ease of access and the option to have your data automatically sent to you weekly.  Utilizing SFTP ensures the security of your files, easy access and archiving.

Log in to your SurveyVitals portal to get started.  If you haven’t already, you will need to be sure you have signed the ‘case number export’ portion of your SurveyVitals contract. Check with your SurveyVitals account manager or use the chat feature on the bottom right of the SurveyVitals homepage to inquire if you are authorized to start having your files sent to you weekly.

SFTP is available to Administrative logins only.

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