Orthopedic surgeon gives patients a hand in evaluating his practice

Dr. Tomaino of Tomaino Orthopaedic Care has had a tremendous response rate with his surveys. In fact, he has been in the 99% confidence range for 2 consecutive quarters! We asked him for a few best practices that others can use to improve their response rates and patient satisfaction: Dr. Tomaino told us a top priority for them is to “ask every patient to complete the surveys before they leave.” although this could be considered standard practice it really takes effort executing on a daily basis, Dr. Tomaino went on to say “It keeps us vigilant knowing that we are asking for an anonymous review.”

Communication is essential for success, especially in terms of scheduling. Dr. Tomaino told us “As a solo practitioner, I have the ability to keep wait times to 2 weeks or less. If there is an urgent matter, my staff asks me. If schedulers are not charged with communication with the doctor, there may be a real disconnect.”

Here’s an excerpt.

“Survey Vitals offers easy to administer patient surveys, with low bias and immediate reporting, and great data for continuous improvement and increased patient, employee, and physician satisfaction…” Dr. Tomaino

August 6th, 2012 Categories: Patient Experience

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