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Improve Your Anesthesia Practice

“Without measurement it is unlikely that we will continue to improve.”Richard P. Dutton, M.D., M.B.A.
Chief Quality Officer at U.S. Anesthesia Partners and former Executive Director of the Anesthesia Quality Institute

Around-the-Clock Awareness

Sit back and watch the surveys roll in.

SurveyVitals’ Awareness Screens keep you informed. Ongoing updates energize and enlighten with the most recent survey results. Screens advance through your group, all locations and divisions so you remain completely aware. Data trends, patient comments and the highlighting of patient concerns provide the science your organization needs to improve and prosper.

How do you compare to your peers?

Confidence & Trending
Is your data statistically valid and are you improving?

Survey Administration
How many surveys are being completed at each penetration level?

Where should you focus your improvement efforts?


Anesthesia Awareness Screen

  • Research shows that an estimated 65% of all doctors will be sued during their career. The SurveyVitals APSQ results can help forecast issues so you can minimize risk. Comments and ratings by patients can drive your quality effort to reduce the likelihood of malpractice claims.

Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

The APSQ was developed with input from anesthesia practitioners, academic institutions and the Anesthesia Quality Institute.

Feedback triggers low score email alerts within seconds, updates awareness screens in real-time and provides levels of responsiveness never before available.

Likert-scale quantitative feedback in combination with qualitative data via text and audio comments provides valuable perspective to practices, physicians and CRNA/AA.

  • Communication40%
  • Decision Preparation80%
  • Ease Anxiety30%
  • Ensure Comfort60%
  • Privacy Respected70%
  • Overall56%

    Patient Feedback Process

  • SImpL ™ and Powerful

    The SurveyVitals hands-free SImpL ™ survey administration system is a major breakthrough in overall value to anesthesia practices. Our automated HIPAA-compliant patient and practitioner data sharing systems enable easy-to-administer surveys with real-time robust reporting. It also shows a 25-fold improvement in completed surveys when compared to hassle-ridden, on-visit interview techniques. Also notable is that the bias introduced with in-person and live phone interviews is virtually eliminated.

  • Hassle Free

    The automated survey system allows your physician’s EMR, or billing software, to securely submit data to the SurveyVitals solution. Administration of surveys through email, text and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allow survey collection without the hassle of expensive hardware and the cost of consuming limited staff resources. Utilizing the SurveyVitals API (Application Programming Interface) and your EMR/billing system: send patient information at any frequency you desire. Upon receipt, the SurveyVitals processing engine immediately starts administration of qualified patient surveys, ensuring you receive only the best feedback and response rates.


Understand Patient Concerns Immediately.

  • Hover

    Anesthesia Awareness Screen

  • Prompt

    Administration and practitioners can receive email alerts every time a patient shares a low score. Know their concerns, take action, minimize risk and improve the patient experience. You control your alert threshold through an easy to use online portal.


    Whether on the awareness screen, your portal or a practitioner’s tablet, the news is immediate, the awareness is high and corrective action can be taken on the spot.

    SurveyVitals takes it a step beyond just providing the text comments by also including audio comment feedback as well. You’ll hear the tone and sense the emotions associated with the patient experience that can otherwise be lost in text.

Are You Ready to Get Better?