3 Ways To Share Your Patient Experience Scores

Share Your Patient Experience Scores: 3 Easy Ways

You’ve been using the SurveyVitals solution to gain a deeper understanding of your patient experience. Now how do you share your performance with the world? When 88 percent of patients look online to choose a physician, showcasing your quality of care is more important than ever. We have three tools that make sharing your patient experience scores quick and easy.

1. Public Review

Public Review gives your verified patients a channel to share their experiences publicly. Star ratings and patient comments are shared on a dedicated webpage for your whole organization or for your individual providers. An analysis of SurveyVitals’ Public Review data found that over 98% of public reviews scored 4 stars out of 5 or higher.

Verified public reviews help to boost physician online search rankings and drive higher volumes of traffic to your website and social media accounts.

Read more about Public Review and how it works here.

Public Review

Provider Widget

2. Provider Widget

The Provider Widget helps you stand out from the competition. Set up the Provider Widget to display star ratings from verified patients, top achievements, and more directly on your website. Setup is easy–get started with the Provider Widget today!

3. Top 10% Awards

SurveyVitals issues Top 10% Award certificates to divisions quarterly and annually. Recipients of the award are those who score in the top 10% for composite rank. These certificates may be printed out and displayed in your facility, or you can share them on your website or your social media accounts.

Have questions about Public Review, Provider Widget, Top 10%, or any other features of the SurveyVitals solution? Contact your support team today or chat with us using the blue icon below.

Top 10% Awards

Learn More!

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April 24th, 2019 Categories: Patient Experience

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