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    External Science

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • CAHPS Surgical Care
  • Maintenance of Physician Certification
  • Ortho Surgery Inpatient
  • Hospitalist Inpatient
  • Referring Physician Satisfaction

    Residency Programs

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Mentor Satisfaction
  • Attending Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Obstetrical Delivery
  • Custom – contact for more information

    Anesthesia Programs

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Surgeon Satisfaction
  • Patient Satisfaction (S-CAHPS)

    Internal Science

  • AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture
  • Physician Satisfaction
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Employee Satisfaction

Popular Surveys

Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient retention, quality of care, and the patient experience by asking for their feedback and addressing the areas for improvement. The survey was built with input from many practices and addresses: appointments, reception, facility, staff, provider and overall. Addendum questions are available.

  • Facility46%
  • Overall61%
  • Provider74%
  • Reception42%
  • Scheduling39%
  • Staff41%
  • Wait Times82%

Anesthesia Satisfaction

Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

The APSQ was developed with input from anesthesia practitioners, academic institutions and the Anesthesia Quality Institute. A robust testing process optimizes both administration and reporting functionalities.

Feedback triggers email alerts, updates awareness screens and provides levels of responsiveness never before available. Low scores generate alerts within seconds.

Likert-scale quantitative feedback, in combination with qualitative via text data, provides valuable perspective to practices, physicians and nurses.

  • Communication40%
  • Decision Preparation80%
  • Ease Anxiety46%
  • Ensure Comfort60%
  • Privacy Respected70%
  • Overall56%

Survey Vitals is an approved Anesthesia Quality Institute vender

Physician Satisfaction

Physician Satisfaction Survey

Identify issues in fulfillment, provide a conduit for input and increase physician satisfaction, productivity and retention. Administrator need to know their physician concerns and needs. This powerful survey looks at key areas identified via some serious research: Autonomy, Expectations, Income and Prestige, Relationships, Quality of Care, Administration and Practice Characteristics

  • Autonomy40%
  • Expectations80%
  • Inc & Prestige46%
  • Org Excellence60%
  • Practice Char70%
  • Quality of Care54%
  • Quality of Life54%
  • Relationships48%
  • Satisfaction51%

Safety Survey

Survey of Patient Safety Culture (SOPS)

Identify key issues before they become a problem. Survey Vitals has been administering the AHRQ SOPS for years at both the staff and physician levels. One of the hospitals with whom we work has been very effective in taking the feedback, creating action items and really improving. They were just named the “Safest Hospital in the State of New York by Consumer Reports.”

  • Communication40%
  • Event Frequency80%
  • Hospital30%
  • Safety Grd60%
  • Supervisor Management70%
  • Work Area34%

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction (ESQ)

The ESQ allows your team to evaluate management by assessing: Accountability, Balance, Care of Team, Coaching, Communication, Empowerment, Environment, Excellence, Hiring and Recognition. Improve productivity, profit, employee turnover, safety and patient satisfaction by keeping a close watch on your team’s engagement and performance. A Northwestern University study shows a link between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and profitability. Take feedback from your staff, find solutions by working with them and improve.

  • Accountability40%
  • Balance80%
  • Care of Team52%
  • Coaching60%
  • Communication70%
  • Empowerment64%
  • Environment56%
  • Excellence70%
  • Hiring34%
  • Recognition56%

Referring Physician

Referring Physician Survey (RPS)

Coordination of care is a critical element for quality patient care. Send this survey to the physicians that refer patients to your specialty practice. How are you being perceived by referring physicians, are you communicating effectively, giving the care to their patients they expect, and maximizing referral opportunities? A must for specialty organizations who want to maximize their opportunities. The RPS looks at: Communication, Physicians, Appointments, Value and the Overall Experience.

  • Communication40%
  • Overall80%
  • Appointments46%
  • Physicians60%
  • Value70%

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer (P2P)

Survey Vitals clients utilize the P2P at the physician, management and staff levels. Increase accountability, teamwork, and awareness of workplace conflict to improve the work environment and decrease employee turnover. The P2P survey evaluates those areas key to the workings of an effective team: Attitude, Communication, Competency, Responsibility, Teamwork and Timeliness. Usually on an annual basis, get your team members the feedback they need to identify improvement opportunities and actually improve.

  • Attitude62%
  • Communication45%
  • Competency78%
  • Responsibility45%
  • Teamwork64%
  • Timeliness55%
  • Overall72%



Survey Vitals provides many CAHPS surveys per CMS and AHRQ criteria. CAHPS surveys are used to produce understandable and usable comparative information for both consumers and health care providers. Surveys include C&G CAHPS, CAHPS PCMH, S-CAHPS and HCAHPS for Critical Access Hospitals in many forms, Adult and Child, English and Spanish. And, certifications for national requirements are always a priority for Survey Vitals.

  • Facility40%
  • Reception80%
  • Staff30%
  • Wait Times60%
  • Provider70%
  • Scheduling34%
  • Overall56%

Don’t forget the Patient Satisfaction Surveys allow for addendum questions!

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