To GPRO, or not to GPRO, that is the question for anesthesiology providers

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By now, everyone understands that physicians who don’t report adequate quality measures in 2015 will see a 2% penalty in 2017. There are still questions, however, about the best way to report your quality data to CMS, especially for anesthesiology providers. And while the date to adjust your 2015 reporting mechanism has passed, we’d like to share some information as you start thinking about your plan for 2016.

At the highest level, you must decide whether to report as an individual EP (Eligible Provider) or as part of a group. There are pros and cons to each, although SurveyVitals® recommends the individual EP route. Among other reasons, this option allows you to submit quality data through a QCDR (Qualified Clinical Data Registry).

GPRO, the Group Practice Reporting Option, is another method to submit your quality data, but has numerous CMS requirements. Here are a few things we’d like our clients to know about GPRO:

  • GPRO is optional.
  • GPRO only applies to EPs with a common Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • If you chose a GPRO reporting method, the decision is irreversible for 2015 (the deadline was June 30, 2015).
  • You cannot submit your data through a QCDR if you choose GPRO.
  • If you choose GPRO and have 100 or more EPs (25 or more for 2016), you’ll be required to run the CAHPS for PQRS survey. The survey is optional in 2015 for groups of 2-99 EPs.
    • The survey is tailored to primary care, which does not help anesthesiology providers.
    • The survey will not be paid for or administered by CMS. Participating groups will be required to contract with a CMS-certified vendor to administer the CAHPS for PQRS survey.
    • The CAHPS for PQRS survey will be administered on paper with live phone follow-ups for non-responders. Surveys sent via email or text message aren’t allowed at this time, which makes improvement based on real-time feedback virtually impossible. This is why SurveyVitals is not a CMS-certified vendor.
  • By reporting via GPRO, you’re agreeing to have your PQRS performance results publicly posted on the Physician Compare website. The performance rates will apply to the entire group.

Choosing whether to report quality measures as a group or by individual can be a complicated decision when you factor in eligibility and reporting requirements, and here’s why we recommend individual reporting:

  • Individual EPs can submit through QCDRs:
    • QCDRs can focus on more relevant, anesthesia-specific quality measures.
    • The QCDR collects data for the purpose of providing improved quality of care for patients.
    • There is greater potential to meet the reporting requirement of 9 measures across 3 National Quality Strategy domains.
    • The QCDR typically submits data to CMS on your behalf.
    • As the ASA said on its website, “Participation in [the] ASA QCDR not only helps protect a practice’s income, but it also helps keep money in the practice so you can continue your focus on patient safety.

As we announced earlier this year, our Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire, the APSQ, fulfills measure #16 for NACOR, the Composite Patient Experience, and counts as an outcome measure as well. We’re also working to get a patient satisfaction measure included in other QCDRs like ABG and ASPIRE for 2016. We expect that list will continue to grow, so contact us if you’d like additional information on the measures SurveyVitals can help you meet for each QCDR.

If you don’t report through a QCDR, it is still beneficial to report individually since the measures that must be reported to CMS are the same. Although some variations exist in the methods (for 2015, claims-based for individual reporting and web interface for GPRO 25+ EPs), you can avoid the CAHPS for PQRS survey requirement and its expense. Additionally, the Value-Based Payment Modifier (VM) is not affected by reporting individually since the VM is calculated by TIN.

SurveyVitals will attempt to stay on top of these ever changing requirements in order to provide the most value to our clients. Stay tuned for more!

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Best Practice – Assess Provider Engagement with Login Count

Best Practice Provider Engagement

Login Count

SurveyVitals® strives to offer a solution that helps providers and practices deliver exceptional patient care. An important step towards improvement is active engagement with the SurveyVitals system. But how do you know if your providers and divisions are engaged with the SurveyVitals patient feedback tool?

Engagement statistics can be found on the dashboard. Within the Provider Stats module, the Login Count quickly shows the number of times the provider has logged in over the past 30, 60, or 90 days. Sort from most to least engaged by clicking on the heading, and spot providers with No Login. Check out this post to learn why it’s so important for every provider to have a login for their portal.

Engagement Email

Engagement statistics are also delivered quarterly via email. Every 90 days, you’ll receive summary engagement data for your providers and divisions to keep you in the loop.

We suggest that providers log into their online portal at least once per week to check their percentile ranking, alerts, and trend lines. And now you have a quick way to assess the engagement level of the providers at your practice.

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New! “View Dashboard As”

New View Dashboard As Feature

View Dashboard As

Something new recently appeared in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard! Located under the blue navigation bar, you’ll now see the View Dashboard As button. Clicking it will bring you to a pop-up modal that asks you to select which type of dashboard you’d like to view. You may choose to view the dashboard of one of your divisions or providers.


View Dashboard As allows you to see the dashboard results exactly as your divisions and providers see them. Each of you can be logged into your individual portals, and you’ll both be able to view their dashboard analytics. This is a great way to review results, analyze trends, and brainstorm improvement opportunities while reviewing the same data.

As always, encourage your providers to log in to their SurveyVitals® portal on a weekly basis. (Check out this post to learn why it’s so important for every provider to have access to their personalized portal.)

If your providers don’t yet have a portal login, it’s time to set them up! Simply go to your dashboard and click on Admin in the upper right corner. Scroll down and click on Provider Details, click on the plus sign next to the provider’s name, and complete the User Details section. You can always click on the blue question mark button in the lower right corner if you need assistance.

Setting up portal logins for your provider doesn’t take long, and the feedback they get helps them, your practice, and your patients.

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