You’ve likely reached this page after receiving a text message requesting feedback for your healthcare provider.

  • Click the link in the text message to take a short survey to help improve patient care at your provider’s facility.
  • Make sure the entire 10 digit alphanumeric code is contained in the URL. If your phone does not have a web browser this link may be accessed on any web capable device such as a tablet or desktop computer.

    Example survey URL

  • Leave comments or feedback by completing the survey (comments that you text back are not forwarded to your provider).
  • If you healthcare facility has turned the feature on, you will find a request for contact question at the end of the survey. The question will ask if you would like to be contacted by a representative of your provider’s office.
  • Text STOP in response to the text message if you’d like to opt out of receiving future feedback requests from this provider.

SurveyVitals administers this survey on behalf of your provider, and uses two secure websites to gather your feedback— and The link in the original text message will bring you to where you may provide your anonymous feedback.